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mimi et lulu's values reflect everything a family is about: happiness, love, traditions, and a home full of children's laughter!
In a family, a baby is the beginning of a new adventure. We are here to accompany you and your lovely little ones in the most intense and memorable moments of your life.

mimi et lulu offers personalised baby gifts, wrapped in lovely suitcases. Handmade with love and designed with a French touch, those accessories are made of eco-friendly materials for the safety of baby and the protection of the environment.

Embark on a lovely journey full of magic and surprises!

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  1. My Bunny - Oh Prince - Powder
  2. My Bunny - Oh Prince - Dusty Pink
  3. My Bunny - Oh Prince - Deep Space
  4. My Bunny - Oh Prince - Island Sea
  5. My Bunny - Oh Prince - Smoke
  6. My Bunny - Oh Sire - Deep Space
  7. My Bunny - Oh Sire - Island Sea
  8. My Bunny - Oh Sire - Smoke