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Stacking Cups - Retro

  • ¥154.00
  • ¥154.00

Set of 8 stacking cups.

Welcome to Rundetårn in Copenhagen! This colorful round tower is fun and engaging for your baby to look at, while stacking the pieces helps them develop their organization and motor skills.

With our Danish Hygge collection of toys for kids 0-3 years, your child can play while learning valuable skills and a little about Denmark—a charming country home to beautiful buildings and our favorite fairy tales. 

See where your little one’s latest adventure has taken them by referencing the map. (Map of Denmark included)


  • Stacking toys help develop both the body and the brain starting around six months
  • Helps improve fine motor skills
  • The basic skills learned from stacking toys become the foundation for more complex tasks like using a writing instrument
  • Stacking toys also help kids learn language skills 
  • 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark.
  • 堆疊玩具可在六個月左右開始幫助身體和大腦發育
  • 幫助提高精細運動技能
  • 從堆疊玩具中學到的基本技能成為諸如使用書寫工具之類的更複雜任務的基礎
  • 堆放玩具還可以幫助孩子學習語言技能
  • 100%不含BPA,PVC和鄰苯二甲酸酯
  • 在丹麥設計和製造