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About us

All curated with LOVE & CARE.

Petit boo kid boutique - a modern lifestyle boutique for baby and kid. With the hopes of making both kids and parents’ lives easier, you can find a curation of high quality, practical and fun designed essentials for modern homes with babies & kids. 

We aim to provide a wide selection of high quality products from different categories for our little ones in daily life, including kids apparel, nursery & care, and toys. Each product is carefully  selected, in order to make sure the products meet our standard of materials made. 

We work with different brands & designers worldwide, and we hope parents  enjoy shopping conveniently at Petit boo kid boutique when searching high quality and functional essentials for baby & kids.


Petit boo kid boutique - 一家適合嬰兒和兒童的現代生活方式精品店。 為了讓孩子和父母的生活更輕鬆,您可以找到適合帶嬰兒和兒童的現代家庭的高品質、實用和有趣的設計必需品。

我們的目標是為我們的孩子在日常生活中提供各種不同類別的高品質產品,包括兒童服裝、托兒所和護理用品以及玩具。 每一件產品都經過精心挑選,以確保產品符合我們的材料標準。

我們與世界各地的不同品牌和設計師合作,我們希望父母在尋找高品質和功能性的嬰兒和兒童必需品時,能在 Petit boo kid boutique方便地購物。